A Mime assassin in Calcutta.

You may be looking for the art of Pantomime.

The Mimes were French hired Assassins that worked for Pierre the Mime King. Pierre's traveling mime group is called La Troupe Puissant Du Nain and the group used their show as a cover for their assassin assignments.

The Mimes would use the M1921-A1 Submachinegun as their primary weapon. This gun was used for its connections to gangsters of the 1930s. They were also trained with the use of Explosives and Body Remover powder.

While Pierre was hunting Cate Archer and Magnus Armstrong in Calcutta India, he used his Mime Assassins to back up his efforts. Including his escape on his Unicycle.

After Archer had escaped from Calcutta, Pierre and the Mimes had been able to discover the hidden location of the UNITY Headquarters in England. The assassin group attacked the facility in attempt to kill Archer. After she had fought them off, she departed to rescue Armstrong who had been captured by H.A.R.M. After she had left, the Mimes attacked again in an attempt to destroy the building with explosives and to take prisoners. Bruno Lawrie assigned the UNITY Intercept Team to "Get rid of those filthy mimes." After General Morgan Hawkins was rescued from the Mimes, he wanted to invade France to get rid of any further Mimes that were out there.

The second Mime attack was played out in the co-operative mission Mime to Kill.

Pierre, using a Telephone Bug, discovered that Archer was attempting to rescue Armstrong from the H.A.R.M. Underwater Base in the Aegean Sea. Setting an ambush for Archer, Pierre and the Mimes attacked as she attempted to free Armstrong from a Super Soldiers conversion process. Archer was able to kill Pierre and defeat the Mimes.

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