Mike Dussault or Mike D[1] is a programmer.

Between December 1994 and March 1996, he has worked at Zombie Studios on the 1995 video game Locus as senior programmer.[1][2][3]

Between 1996 and 2000 he worked at Monolith Productions[2], where he was the tech lead engineer on the Lithtech game engine.[1][4] He has also been credited for a number of Monolith games, including The Operative: No One Lives Forever [4]

Since 2000 he has been working at Valve Corporation.[1][2][4]

Work at Monolith[edit | edit source]

Dussault started working at Monolith in 1996.[2]

Until 1999, he was the tech lead engineer on the Lithtech 1.0 and 2.0 game engine versions.[1][4] From about May 1996 to August 1998 Dussault worked on Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.[4] After finishing Shogo, he worked on The Operative: No One Lives Forever (NOLF) for approximately 1 year.[4] For his work on the Lithtech engine, he is credited for Blood II: The Chosen[5] and Aliens versus Predator 2[6].

Work on NOLF[edit | edit source]

No One Lives Forever was the first LithTech 2.0 game, and Dussault has worked on it for about 1 year.[4]

For NOLF, he has received a "special thanks" credit, with the following message: "Whose contributions we cannot honor greatly enough". One of the cheat codes in NOLF is named after him: "mpmiked".

Move to Valve[edit | edit source]

In January 2000, Dussault received a job offer from Valve Corporation. In his plan file Monolith CEO Jace Hall said:

"I'd like to clearly state for the record that LithTech would not be where it is today without Mike's incredible talent and effort. He has helped to build a great and highly skilled engine team, and his personal efforts have been nothing short of spectacular over the last few years".

His last day at Monolith was January 21, 2000.[7]

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