The Micromissile Launcher

The Micromissile Launcher being deployed

The Micromissile Launcher is a rocket launcher disguised as a woman's bag. It can hold up to five missiles.

The UNITY Intercept Team broke into the Soviet Army base located in Siberia in an attempt to destroy the M-9 Data Processing Unit. When they entered the old records building, the found the Micromissile Launcher behind a locked door.

It is not known how the Soviet Union got a hold of the Micromissile Launcher.

While attempting to escape from the H.A.R.M. Headquarters in Japan, Cate Archer found a Micromissile Launcher in one of the many "presents" created by Santa. She was able to utilize this weapon in her fight with Dmitrij Volkov.

It is not known how the present with the Micromissile Launcher got into the H.A.R.M. Headquarters.

When Archer arrived on the island nation of Khios, she found a weapons drop from Santa containing a Micromissile Launcher.

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