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The Mascara Stun Gun is a hidden weapon developed by Santa for use by UNITY agents. It places a stun gun capable of electrically shocking a target within a woman's mascara case. This way the weapon could be held out in the open without alarming civilians. While the weapon was non-lethal, it allowed users to disarm and search their targets after they had been incapacitated.

Cate Archer utilized this weapon while on several missions across the globe.  It was her only weapon available to her immediately after escaping from the Man-Handler.

The stun gun could be used on H.A.R.M. Bots, but it would only temporarily stop the bot before it recovered. To destroy a H.A.R.M. Bot, Archer would need to hit it with an electrical charge fired from the CT-180 Utility Launcher.

This item was standard on most missions without having to be selected.

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