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Map of Morocco showing the location of Marrakech.

Marrakech (English: Marrakesh) is a large city in Morocco and a tourist destination during the 1960's.

On September 16, 1967, Cate Archer and Bruno Lawrie were sent by UNITY to protect American Ambassador Morris Monroe from an assassination attempt by Dmitrij Volkov and H.A.R.M.

At the Grand Caravan Hotel, Volkov set up a trap for the two agents, shooting Lawrie in the process. Volkov then ordered his men to kill everyone in the hotel and to destroy it with explosives. Luckily Archer had foiled the plan saving the hotel residents.

There is a Medina in Marrakech. One of the tourists wanted to visit the Medina but the heat was keeping him indoors. There were several others businesses and individuals (including a Monkey salesman).

An airport provided one of the travel needs of tourists. On his way to the airport, Ambassador Monroe was shot and killed by Volkov.

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