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NOLF2 Mancrate

A newly created Man-Crate.

A Man-Crate is a H.A.R.M. Thug that has been thrown into the Man-Handler for a punishment. The Man-Handler turns the thug into a boxy shape, with the victim still alive and able to speak. The procedure is 65% reversible if H.A.R.M. wishes to turn the thug into a pale quivering shadow of their former selves.

Some Man-Crates are unable to move, thus they were usually placed in odd corners or used as tables. Some Man-Crates were able to develop the ability to move by rolling, and thus could give chase to any enemy agents they encountered. If they caught an agent, they would bump into them causing damage.

Cate Archer first encountered Man-Crates in the H.A.R.M. Underwater Base in the Aegean Sea and at the H.A.R.M. Headquarters in Japan.

The player can search defeated Man-Crates for Random items.