A maid at the Frankfurt Inn.

A Maid is a female employee (also known as a servant) of a hotel that cleans the rooms in a hotel or manor.

In life the Grey Servant was a pretty maid of French descent who worked at Cramble Castle. The lord of the manor, Sir Alfred Cramble, had become smitten with the young maid and began an affair with her. Lady Cramble, who was not right in the head, decided to end the affair with an axe.

In 1967 Cate Archer encountered a maid at the Grand Caravan Hotel in Marrakech Morocco. When Archer spoke to her the maid (with her french accent) complained about how such pigs the guests were.

While trying to escape from the H.A.R.M. thugs at the Frankfurt Inn, Archer came across a maid that saw the bodies lying on the ground. She loudly exclaimed "I'm not cleaning up this mess."

This opened a door which allowed Archer to escape into the room after the thugs had shut down the elevators.

While Archer was "interviewing" Barron Archibald Dumas at his estate in England, a maid was cleaning some of the Barron's hunting trophies in the main hall.

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