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The M1921-A1 Submachinegun (M1921AC) with a 50-round drum magazine is a weapon of choice for H.A.R.M. mimes. Also in the Contract J.A.C.K. is used by Louie Franco syndicate and Danger Danger.

Ingame description[]

The enduring M1921 A1 submachinegun remains popular with certain criminal organization who enjoy its gangster connotations.


  • Like with the Hampton MPL 9mm SMG, there are two variants of the M1921-A1 SMG in NOLF 2, the first variant is used by Archer and enemies, and the second variant comes with infinite ammo, used by Archer during the chase sequence at the end of The Art of Murder. If weapon cheat code is used, both variants will show up in the inventory and can be used independently.

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