Lyndon B. Johnson was the President of the United States in 1968.

While Cate Archer was infiltrating a Soviet Army base in Siberia, she found a memo detailing an attempt by the Soviets to convert Lyndon B. Johnson to communism by the efforts of an agent named KLAUS under a project named Blindside. She later found a follow up memo stating that the attempt had failed after KLAUS was unable to get a five-minute appointment with Mr. Big (as they were calling President Johnson).

General Morgan Hawkins detailed his "plan" to invade the Soviet Union to Isaac Barnes. It didn't have a lot of details but the General still wanted "El Presidente" (Lyndon B. Johnson) to approve it.

When H.A.R.M. had invaded the island of Khios with the intent of raising the Soviet flag, Lyndon B. Johnson addressed the nation talking about the need to confront the Soviets. Bruno Lawrie responded to the speech with "God save us all." When General Hawkins asked if the president would let him push the button launching Missiles towards the Soviet Union, Lawrie responded "I'm surprised he let you use a telephone."

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