Explosions on the Lorelei.

The Lorelei is a H.A.R.M. Freighter registered in Finland. The ship had a bridge, galley, cargo area, crew bunks and an engine room. The captain's quarters contained the H-2000 Waterproof Wall Safe.

In 1967, West German authorities noticed several suspicious cargo containers on-board the Lorelei that were not on the Shipping Manifest. Instead of seizing the containers, the German authorities notified UNITY. Believing that the containers were linked to the research of Dr. Otto Schenker, Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith sent Cate Archer to meet up with Tom Goodman. After connecting in Hamburg, they proceeded to Bremen to investigate the Lorelei at the docks.

After using Explosives as a distraction, Goodman announced that he was planning to sneak on board the freighter. Archer convinced him that she was better suited for the task (after a Coin flip) and hitched a ride on a cargo container to board the ship.

After the ship had set sail into the North Sea, Archer was able to sneak out into the cargo area. There she overheard that Inge Wagner and Magnus Armstrong had come on-board. Wagner was set to perform a inspirational concert and sing along the next morning (as per the memo in the galley). She was also able to photograph the three cargo containers with her Spy-Glasses. However before she could photograph the Captain's Log, the Shipping Manifest and place a Beacon in the Radio room, she was knocked out by Armstrong.

Armstrong had her thrown into a locked room. Before an enraged Wagner could have her put to death, explosions rocked the ship and caused it to start sinking. Wagner and Armstrong departed and Archer was forced to escape on her own. Before she left, she was able to place the beacon on the radio.

After Archer had returned to shore, she confronted Goodman about blowing up the ship. He stated that he didn't expect her to still be on-board when the explosives went off. After he discovered that she didn't have the log or the manifest, they made preparations to dive down to the sunken freighter.

Goodman secured a boat and Archer secured SCUBA Diving gear and she dove down to the sunken freighter. There she discovered that Sharks had moved into the cargo space. After getting past the sharks, she found the log and the manifest only to be ambushed by H.A.R.M. divers. When she had returned to the surface, Goodman stated that he hadn't seen a thing.

Goodman (who was actually the disguised Melvin Blitzny) had set the explosives in an attempt to get rid of Archer.

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