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Two locks requiring a key in NOLF1.

Two combination locks in NOLF1.

A lock requiring a key in NOLF2.

A combination lock in NOLF2.

A Lock is a security device used to secure a door. It can also be used to secure a locker or footlocker.

Lock Types[]

Locks with keyholes can be picked with Lock Picking Tools or with a special gadget like the Barrette or the Nail Clipper Lock Pick. Detachable locks are also weak enough that bullets can destroy them, enabling fast access in emergency cases.

Locks with combination dials would need to be welded off with the Cigarette Lighter in welder mode or the Hairspray Welder gadget.

A third bypass option for both types is to shoot off or break the lock, but this would cause quite a bit of noise.

There are also electronic locks that require a special card or the Code Breaker to bypass. If the electronic lock is lacking power, it will not open.

No One Lives Forever[]

Santa walked Cate Archer through an Advanced Field Tactics course where she learned how to by-pass locks with her Barrette in lock pick mode. In a later course, she was introduced to the welder mode of her Cigarette Lighter.

Archer was already familiar with picking locks in her previous trade as a Thief.

One of the most unusual encounters with locks included the secret H.A.R.M. launch facility on an island just off the coast of Mandaru. Locks were being used to hold down a Rocket engine that was about to be test fired. Archer had to weld through the locks before the test fire incinerated her.

No One Lives Forever 2[]

When Archer used a Radio to contact UNITY Headquarters, Bruno Lawrie provided the combination to the lock guarding the shed in Siberia. This allowed Archer to find her Hairspray Welder she could use on other locks.

When trying to escape from the H.A.R.M. Underwater Base in the Aegean Sea, Archer had to use the welder on a lock to release some debris that was blocking an underwater door.

Contract J.A.C.K.[]

The Czechoslovakian Army had locks securing various lockers in the military base that hid a secret Rocket launch facility.

With no access to lock picking tools, John Jack had to shoot or bust off the locks.

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