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This is a list of locations in Monolith's Game of the Year "The Operative: No One Lives Forever".

The list is divided into primary and secondary locations, the first of which denote countries, cities and places that the game's protagonist Cate Archer actually travels to, while the latter consists of places that feature in cutscenes or are mentioned in briefings, conversations or intelligence items. All locations are listed by country.

Assigned Mission locations[]

United Kingdom[]

  • Residence of Cate Archer (her bathroom)
  • "Maximillian's" (a restaurant)
  • UNITY Headquarters (including the war room and various training facilities)
  • Offices of Dumas Industrial Enterprises, Bumberton
  • Industrial Area, property of Dumas Industrial Enterprises
  • Dumas Towers, Construction Site & Administrative Building



  • Apartment Building facing Hotel "Le Chameau Heureux"
  • Hotel "Grand Caravan"
  • Streets near the Tenseft River


  • UNITY Safe House

The West Coast:

  • Outskirts of a coastal city (possibly Casablanca)
  • Smuggler's Den

East Germany[]

West Germany[]


  • Nightclub "Das Einsame Valkyrie"
  • Canal entering the River Elbe

Bremen Harbor:

Bavaria (State in the South):

  • Kleinstadt (a fictional town)
  • German Alps
  • Chateau Dumas
  • Baroness Dumas' Lair (underneath the chateau)

United States[]

  • Aboard a train in the Northwestern United States (heading towards Washington State)
  • Dumas Lumber Company (Washington State)
  • H.A.R.M. Underground Facility (a few miles away from Dumas Lumber Co.)

Not Classified as Countries[]

The Pacific

The North Sea:[]
Outer Space:[]
German Air Space:[]

Non-playable locations in the game (not visited by Cate Archer)[]