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Developed by Santa at UNITY, the Lipstick Spy Camera is a hidden gadget designed not to attract attention while carried openly. It allowed agents to take pictures discreetly.

Cate Archer had been sent to Inotakimura, Japan to photograph The Director at a suspected international crime convention. After Isamu Hatori had guided her to the Fujioka estate where Archer is able to take a photo of The Director and Isako.

Before Archer arrived in Calcutta, India the UNITY Intercept Team arrived to gather intelligence on Balaji Malpani. One of the items including taking a picture of Malpani so that Archer would recognize him later. The Intercept Team used the Lipstick Spy Camera to accomplish this goal.

The members of the Intercept Team are male, which could have made civilians wonder why they were openly carrying lipstick.

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