The impact Lipstick Explosive

The Lipstick Explosive with timer.

The Lipstick Explosive is a Grenade like weapon disguised by Santa at UNITY to resemble a lipstick case. It is activated by pressing down on the lipstick itself.

Santa instructs Cate Archer in the use of the Lipstick Explosives in Advanced Field Tactics. This training takes place in Requiem for a Spy and Visit to Santa's Workshop.

Once these weapons are introduced in the game, the player may select them before any mission.

Varieties[edit | edit source]

  • The red Lipstick Explosive is the impact device. It will explode upon contact with a target or solid object.
  • The yellow Lipstick Explosive is the timed device. It has a three-second timer that allows Archer to bank the explosive around corners before going off.
  • The blue Lipstick Explosive contains a proximity monitor. Once thrown the grenade will not go off until it detects a nearby opponent or shot at.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Proximity Lipstick Explosive is unique in that it's not featured in a tutorial mission, nor is it unlocked automatically should player chose to not bring it along in Safecracker. Similar to the Sleeping Gas Perfume, this weapon MUST be selected before starting Safecracker, afterward it'll be unlocked for use in other missions.

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