Lava in NOLF1.

The artificial lava in NOLF2.

WARNING: Lava is very hot.
H.A.R.M. Memo

Lava (also called Magma) is molten rock heated under the Earth and has broken through the surface or through a volcano. The heat would damage or kill any persons who found themselves touched by lava.

No One Lives Forever[edit | edit source]

While Cate Archer was vacationing on a tropical island in the South Pacific, she discovered that H.A.R.M. was using the resort on the island as a front to a secret base. This base was hidden in a monkey temple carved into the side of a volcano. In the resort, Archer found a memo stating that the insurance company would cancel the policy for the resort if another guest fell into a lava pit.

After passing several of these lava pits, Archer found her way into the secret base. There she discovered another memo to H.A.R.M. personnel warning them that lava was hot. The base was protected from the volcanic activity by a lava diversion system (including a back up system). Archer was able to find the blueprints and controls to this system and shut it off, causing the destruction of the base. Before the destruction of the base, the various lava tubes were used as part of the structure including serving bananas and coconut milk.

Contract J.A.C.K.[edit | edit source]

When John Jack delivered the recently rescued Dr. Harij to the new H.A.R.M. Headquarters in Japan, Dmitrij Volkov described the artificial lava to the doctor. Harij was impressed with the lava decor.

Lava was not encountered as a hazard in Contract J.A.C.K.

No One Lives Forever 2[edit | edit source]

When Pierre the Mime King first arrived at the H.A.R.M. Headquarters to see Volkov, he was very impressed with the artificial lava used within the base.

When Archer was attempting to escape the underground H.A.R.M. Headquarters, she overheard the developer of the artificial lava used within the facility. He described how it was able to handle temperatures up to 343 kelvins. He also stated that it was difficult to recreate the look of real lava and it didn't past the muster with the focus groups, so they just decided to make it look cool. The reason that H.A.R.M. had the artificial lava was to impress potential clients and the media.

As Archer was attempting to leave the base, Volkov appeared in his mechanical wheelchair and fought her over the lake of artificial lava. When Archer defeated him, he was thrown into the lava by the damaged wheelchair.

Like any decent arch-enemy, Volkov survived the fall into the artificial lava.

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  • Lava located underground is called Magma.

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