NOLF2 Laser

Joseph Anders firing a Laser.

A Laser is a beam of light focused and used in industry and weaponry. Infrared Beams are a type of laser.

Sometime around or before 1967 the criminal organization, MISERY, attempted to vaporize the Empire State Building with a giant laser. The plot had failed. MISERY had hired some non union technicians to put in the cooling system. Almost blew up the whole secret base.

Lasers were used in the Super Atomic Laser Weapon, Laser Rifle and Mining Lasers.

H.A.R.M. had equipped Lasers as weapons on the Super Soldiers and the H.A.R.M. Bots. In order to save Cate Archer (whom he had mistaken for his daughter Abigail Anders) Lieutenant Joseph Anders used a Super Soldier laser to destroy the Missile that had been launched by General Morgan Hawkins.

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