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The flag of Khios

The Kingdom of Khios just before the invasion by H.A.R.M. in 1968

The Kingdom of Khios (commonly referred to as Khios) is the central flashpoint of Project: Omega, a scheme created by H.A.R.M. to draw the Cold War opponents Soviet Union and the United States into a shooting war. Within the game, the independent kingdom is located within the Sea of Marmara off the coast of Turkey.

The western powers believed that the island had various valuable resources coveted by both sides. The geographical features of the island kingdom make it impregnable to conventional assault in 1968. The coastline is surrounded by cliff walls with only a cave passage up to the central part of the island. In the past, defenders only had to pour boiling oil down this central passage to ward off an invasion. Despite these features, Khios had allied itself with the United States which promised to come to military aid of the the island country. H.A.R.M. used this alliance to try to draw the US into a conflict with the Soviet Union by using chemically altered Super Soldiers to lead the invasion force onto the island. They then planned to raise the flag of the Soviet Union, making it appear that the communist country had taken over the island. As H.A.R.M. set their plans into motion, Cate Archer and Magnus Armstrong thwarted the invasion and destroyed both the Super Soldiers and the Super Secret Submarine use to invade the island.

NATO, the USSR and H.A.R.M. all had various plans for Khios. The Soviets wanted to turn it into a five-star communist resort. H.A.R.M. wanted to sell off the islands residents for medical research and then turn the island into the H.A.R.M. Happy Adventure Theme Park Island. Archer found a memo from Isaac Barnes stating that the Soviet plans for Khios would interfere with the NATO plans for genial manipulative exploration.


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