NOLF2 Katanas

The Katana is a traditional bladed Japanese weapon used by Ninjas and other warriors. It is also a collectors item for sword enthusiasts in other parts of the world.

Isako had her Katana hidden in her umbrella. She could quickly draw it and strike. She practiced with her Katana at a private practice facility located in H.A.R.M. Headquarters.

According to a UNITY report from Bruno Lawrie, Ninjas are trained to lunge great distances with the Katana for powerful strikes against their enemies.

Melvin Blitzny had a Katana hidden in his "Inner Sanctum" at his home in Akron, Ohio.

While attempting to escape from the H.A.R.M. Headquarters, Cate Archer found Isako's quarters and the wall of Katanas hanging on the wall.

Both Archer and the UNITY Intercept Team could arm themselves with the Katana by finding it or searching Ninjas.

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