Kamchatka is a region of the Soviet Union located on the east coast. It is a peninsula that extends into the Pacific Ocean.

In 1921, Dmitrij Volkov was born in Kamchatka according to a file read by Cate Archer.

This same file had a list of accomplishments (both good and bad) by Volkov at the age of eight. It is not known if he was still living in Kamchatka at this time.

Soviet Army General Nikolai Zhukov had sent a farm boy from Kamchatka (code named ANATOLI) to infiltrate the Pentagon in the United States.

Corporal Pupkin completed a nature survey of Kamchatka in 1968. His findings included the Brown Bear, Fur Seal, Puffin and the Sea Eagle. Once the survey was completed, General Zhukov planned to remove the animals and begin building ten factories in the region.

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