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Kamal Khubchandani is a friend of Magnus Armstrong. When Armstrong decided to help Cate Archer infiltrate the India branch of H.A.R.M., he called Kamal in Calcutta. When she arrived, Kamal had sent a contact to meet with Archer. Unfortunately this contact was killed by Pierre the Mime King before he could deliver Kamal's message. This murder ran Archer and Armstrong into trouble with the Calcutta Police.

Evil Alliance had taken photographs of Kamal Khubchandani passing secrets to UNITY. They attempted to blackmail Kamal for 5,000 Rupees under the threat of sending the pictures to his boss, Anoop Banerjee. Kamal recruited the assistance of Archer in retrieving the blackmail pictures. Once she had recovered the pictures, he was able to meet her at the Restaurant Enjoyment. There he gave Archer a map of the area and 50 rupees to get past Crazy Harij. With these Archer is able to get a Telephone Bug and place it in the room of Balaji Malpani, the H.A.R.M. agent responsible for making the daily password.

Once Archer has gotten inside the H.A.R.M. facility with the password, she is assisted by Kamal in getting into the office of Anoop Banerjee. There she finds out about Anoop's issues with Evil Alliance. Kamal then meets Archer on the streets of Calcutta and tells her about a package he hid in an out-of-order Telephone booth near the theater that Evil Alliance is using as it's headquarters.

Upon Archer's return from the theater, Kamal gives Archer information about what he knows about the Safe in the basement. There is some sort of trap, but Kamal is not aware of what it is exactly.

The blackmail photo taken by Evil Alliance.

Archer finds a letter written by Kamal to Bruno Lawrie where he explains his assistance. Kamal's new daughter, Laxmi was just born and he didn't want to associate with cartoon criminals and was tired of villainy.

When Archer returned from the Antarctica in attempt to stop further damage by H.A.R.M.'s Super Soldiers, Kamal met her with news about where the captured Armstrong had been taken.