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Isamu Hatori (also referred to as Hatori-san) is a UNITY operative working in Inotakimura, Japan.

Hatori operated out of a sweet shop located on the west side of Inotakimura. He awaited the arrival of Cate Archer in 1968 when she came to investigate the international crime convention. He left several encoded messages around the town which Archer was able to decipher with her Code Breaker. The instructed her to lift the lids on certain mailboxes in a signal to reach out to her. Once Archer had completed this task, Hatori had ushered her inside the sweet shop. There he informed Archer that the meeting had been moved, but he did not know where it had been moved to. He waited in the sweet shop while Archer investigated at a nearby location where the members of the Katakuri Ninja Clan gathered.

When Archer returned with the information that the meeting had been moved to the main house of the Fujioka estate. Hatori then provided her with a map to the house and led her farther into the town where the estate is located.

Hatori sent a letter to Mr. Jones with a report about the Mysterious Englishman who had purchased the Fujioka estate. He wasn't fully aware of the identity of this Englishman but he would investigate further.

Santa requested that Archer deliver a Briefcase to Hatori-san which contained information on his next assignment.

Hatori warned Archer that Ninja patrols were heavier in the part of town near the estate. After she had departed, Hatori left a note that he could no longer wait in the area due to increased ninja activity. He instructed her to return to the bridge where Yamata was waiting for her. Hatori also warned Archer to be careful as he had never seen the clan so determined.

The voice actor for Isamu Hatori is unknown at this point in time.