ContractJACK InterrogatorTurbo2000

The Interrogator Turbo 2000

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The Interrogator Turbo 2000 in use

The Interrogator Turbo 2000 is an electrical torture device used by the Czechoslovakian Army to extract information out of prisoners.

In 1968 John Jack infiltrated a Czechoslovakian Army base near Prague. Dmitrij Volkov sent Jack on this mission to find out what Danger Danger was up to. The base turned out to be a secret Rocket launch facility. While Danger Danger was attacking the facility, the Czechs captured one of their thugs and placed him inside the Interrogator Turbo 2000. Before they could begin questioning him, Jack arrived and forcefully took over the interrogation. Using the various settings Jack was able to get the thug to tell him that Danger Danger wanted a rocket to go to the Moon to rescue Dr. Harij from the crashed H.A.R.M. Space Station.

If the wrong torture setting is used, then Jack had to reset the power from a nearby Generator before continuing.

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