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Il Pazzo
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You may be looking for Il Pazzo, the leader of Danger Danger.

"Il Pazzo" is the seventh and final mission for Contract J.A.C.K. There are four scenes and three secrets that can be found in this chapter.


It took some experimentation to figure out the rocket's controls, but there's nothing like the fear of being incinerated by the sun to light a fire under your ass. I set a course for Earth and sat beside a porthole, staring out at the lonely expanse of outer space and contemplating my place in the universe.

One thing was clear: Volkov wasn't paying me enough.


Scene 1[]

John Jack "lands" his rocket at Danger Danger Headquarters located in Southern Italy. One of the Danger Danger thugs immediately believes that Martians are attacking. Jack has to fight his way through waves of thugs to reach the other side of the headquarters.

Scene 2[]

Il Pazzo announces that they are taking the scenic route and boards a gondola with Dr. Harij. Pazzo instructs his thugs to attack Jack. One of the thugs jumps on a Vespa equipped with machine guns and attacks. Jack commandeers the scooter and uses it to travel the Italian countryside to follow Pazzo. Danger Danger thugs arrive in cars in an attempt to stop Jack while Pazzo continues to taunt him.

Scene 3[]

As Jack continues to fight through the waves of Danger Danger thugs, he dragged himself in the suburbs of Italy this time. Il Pazzo continues to taunt him from a distance through speaker phones. As Jack makes it through the thugs, Pazzo's taunting turns to his own men who can't fulfill the job.

Scene 4[]

In the final boss battle, Jack has to load four cannons while fighting off the thugs from Danger Danger. While carrying cannon balls Jack will be unable to defend himself and move very slowly towards cannons. With each successful cannon shot after the load up and damaging the villa, Il Pazzo's men take control of the area gradually by making an entrance from the various different doors to the area.

For the first sequence the cannons throughly damage the house that Il Pazzo is hiding in and finally getting angered, Il Pazzo pops out to shoot volley of rockets at Jack for the second part of the fight. With each successful sequence to damage Pazzo, he will retreat to peek at another window to shoot again and will send more of his men between sequences.

As his health lowers, he'll tend to unleash gangs upon the yard less often but he'll cover this with increased fire rate to the point of creating barrages of mortar. When you get damaged by Il Pazzo's mortars in any shape or form, you'll suffer a slow movement debuff for a while. This debuff only lasts for a few seconds and even incurring a very small amount from the blast will cause this concussion effect. At high difficulties getting a slow down debuff means you can't take cover as fast and will be forced to retreat back.

Area is full of boxes, small alcoves near steps and a large building to take cover against stray fire but not every angle will be safe along the fight. There are times where Danger Danger thugs push you out of position by sending snipers at high balconies of surrounding buildings and push from different doors and enemy closets. Sparing some grenades and use of special weapons like Bacalov Corrector or Energy Cannon appears to be the key to this fight given how many enemies you fight at once.

Beside a few different grenades and weapons behind some of the boxes Body Armor, First Aid Kit and Bandaids respawn as resources upon a small cooldown rather than being wave or sequence oriented. That is your only way of recovery between waves of enemies rushing into the area. Picked up items will glow in a shaded green color indicating it will spawn after a while. That being said, they always spawn at very corner of the area, as when you depart away from their post you may find yourself already surrounded and always have to return fire by peeking first while you run for the next cover spot.

While all this ruckus happening Dr. Harij will be stuck behind boxes to cover and slowly makes a move towards the escape gate by going behind cover after cover until another group of thugs infiltrate the area again. After Jack is able to defeat Pazzo, Harij will get to the gates to unlock the gondola bay and will signal Jack to hurry. Jack escapes with Dr. Harij on a gondola to return him.

End Cutscene[]

Jack delivers Dr. Harij to the new H.A.R.M. Headquarters standing before Volkov at deep beneath the underground base. An impressed Volkov states that he wishes they could offer more permanent employment but also mentions they can not let loose ends, and shoots Jack. The end credits roll as Jack grunts in pain and falls over. While he is on the ground Jack overhears a conversation between Volkov and Dr. Harij about his time on the moon and several new ideas that he developed including the Man-Handler. As they walk away, Volkov talks about his upcoming skiing trip. After Jack stands back up, suffering a gunshot wound to the guts and reveals he is still alive after they're left, he focuses in on Volkov's skis and smirks as the game ends.


At the first scene after passing two rooms full of wooden wine barrels at the pantry, take attention to find a room full of shelves with stacked books, penholders and awards. Use the small statue at the shelves to reveal a hidden room just behind. At the second scene, you'll find a high floor flat with bedroom, check under the beds and use the picture on the wall. At the third scene, check small gap barricaded by a plank under the stairs right across the canal then go for a swim along the canal to track back to start point of the scene and reveal the secret area.

Memorable quotes[]

"What's going on around here? Do I have to kill everybody myself? Why do I pay you people? I told you a thousand times. I want him dead. I want his heart on a plate. I want his lungs in a salad. And I want his olives in a martini."

-Il Pazzo

"You think you can catch me? You couldn't catch syphilis."

-Il Pazzo

"You are a dead man! This I promise. I don't know when and I don't know how and I don't even know where, but you're dead! Dead, you hear me? Morta!"

-Il Pazzo

"I wouldn't want to work for you sons of bitches anyway."

-John Jack (is second and last line in the game)


.50 HandgunAlpsAmmo boxBacalov CorrectorBacalov Instigator Combat ShotgunBandaidsBody ArmorCannonCarCate ArcherCheeseChickenDanger DangerDanger Danger HeadquartersDmitrij VolkovDr. HarijEarthEnergy CannonFijiFirst Aid KitFlashbangGondolaGordon 9mm SubmachinegunGrenadeH.A.R.M.H.A.R.M. HeadquartersIl PazzoIncendiaryInterrogatorItalyJohn JackLaser RifleLavaM1921-A1 SubmachinegunMan-HandlerMarsMoonRadioRFA Series-4 Bolt Action RifleRocketShark CageSilenced Gordon 9mm SubmachinegunSkiingSkisSpace SuitSunSwitzerlandSyphilisVespaVindicator Sportsman's CrossbowWanted Poster


  • John merely set his landing location as Earth in the previous mission. It is therefore inexplicable for him to arrive at the Headquarters of Danger Danger, since he did not specify further where his rocket would go upon re-entry.
  • The wanted poster for Cate Archer seen in Trial by Gunfire makes an appearance.
  • This is where gun fights and ambushes become their most relentless. Not only do enemy snipers appear in high, out-of-the-way areas, there are also shotgun wielding thugs who burst out from doors in narrow spaces.
  • The gang member who makes for the gun-equipped Vespa in Scene 3 is invulnerable until he mounts it.
    • Furthermore, the event will only trigger if the player runs at him. He will not do this when the player is behind cover.
  • Il Pazzo takes an equal amount of damage from whatever the player attacks him with. Trying to burst damage him with heavier-hitting weapons like sniper rifles or energy weapons also has no effect.
  • It is not clear what Jack did to Volkov's pair of skiis. Considering what happened later, it is possible that Jack located Volkov on his vacation and used explosives in an attempt to take him down.
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