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You may be looking for the Seventh mission in Contract J.A.C.K. known as Il Pazzo.
"They call me Il Pazzo. In English, that means I'm a crazy summanabitch! Don't you forget it!" -Il Pazzo

Il Pazzo is the leader of the Italian criminal organization Danger Danger. He also holds a grudge against Dmitrij Volkov calling him a Russian bastard. His real name is unknown and is only addressed by his nickname. Il Pazzo is determined to compete with H.A.R.M. and rise to the top of the criminal underworld. He has an unnamed brother and a nephew named Furio.

Throughout the first six chapters of Contract J.A.C.K., Il Pazzo is unseen and is only heard over the two-way radio John Jack is carrying. He speaks in a thick, stereotypical Italian accent laced with profanity.

Il Pazzo leads the assault on the Czechoslovakian Army secret launch facility to hijack a rocket so they can find Dr. Harij. The mad scientist was on the H.A.R.M. Space Station when it was hit by meteorites and survived the crash on the Moon. Il Pazzo believes that Dr. Harij's knowledge will help Danger Danger grow in the criminal community. When Jack (who was sent by Volkov to find out what Danger Danger was up to) becomes a pain in Il Pazzo's side, Il Pazzo becomes more obsessed with getting rid of Jack.

In the last chapter there is a brief glimpse of Il Pazzo as he sails away in his gondola with Dr. Harij. After Jack's successful rescue Dr. Harij upon setting an assault to the Danger Danger's head quarter mansion with ancient cannonballs and defeating Il Pazzo; Il Pazzo is heard threatening John that he is dead.


  • He is voiced by John Armstrong who also voiced Pierre the Mime King and The Director alongside of small thugs in the series.
  • Il Pazzo in Italian means "The Madman".
  • He appears to have dead-white skin, like the D.C. Comics villain The Joker. It's debatable if it appears that way in sunlight or really have a that light of a skin tone.
  • At his boss fight he uses what appears to be some kind of shoulder mounted rocket launcher that is capable of burst fire arcing mortar shots.
  • When he says at the end of the sentence that John Jack is dead in Italian, he uses a female pronunciation of the word instead of a male one (Morta - female, Morto - male). He should say like this: Sei morto (Your dead).
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