Igor was a member of the Soviet Army in 1968. Igor was part of a patrol that captured the UNITY Airplane Pilot Mischa at a Cabin in Siberia. Igor's patrol then brought Mischa to the communications tower near a Soviet base for interrogation.

When Cate Archer approached the building that Mischa was being held in, she overheard the following conversation:

Igor: "What were you doing there?"
Mischa: "Vacation."
Igor: "You must take me for a fool. No one would come to this place for vacation!"
Mischa: "I come for hunting."
Igor: "Admit it, you're a spy."
Mischa: "Why would I come here to spy?"
Igor: "Because you know that a top secret project is being worked on at this base."
Solider: "Igor."
Igor: "What?"
Solider: "You just told him about the project."
Igor: "He tricked me!"
Mischa: "How did I trick you?"
Igor: "You got me to tell you about Project: Omega."
Mischa: "Project: Omega?"
Soldier: "Igor, you fool!"
Igor: "Damn it. This prisoner is too devious. We'd better torture him.

Archer then conducted a raid on the building in order to save Mischa. Igor fought against Archer but was killed by the superspy.

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