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A vicious little 9 mm submachinegun. Elegantly simple and hardy.
-In-game description

The Hampton MPL 9mm SMG (The Walther MPL) has a 30 round magazine capacity, is chambered in 9x19mm and has the ability to mount a sound suppressor. It can use standard FMJ, Dum-Dum and incendiary ammunition. It can not use cyanide rounds like Gordon SMG but it has a suppressor for fitting in stealth missions and packs a visibly low recoil when suppressed.

A few factions in the game use the Hampton MPL 9mm SMG as their standard SMG, including UNITY's commandos and Magnus Armstrong's H.A.R.M. paratroopers. Cate Archer keeps an MPL as well as Petri revolver in her apartment.


  • The "sideway" Hampton MPL 9mm SMG is treated as a separate weapon and will show up alongside the normal variant when acquired via cheat code. If the mission is then completed, the "sideway" Hampton MPL 9mm SMG will be unlocked and selectable in the Weapon selection menu, showing up alongside the normal variant. The "sideway" Hampton MPL 9mm SMG has its own ammo counter which is not shared with the normal Hampton MPL 9mm SMG, and it cannot mount a Silencer.


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