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The Hampton Carbine (De Lisle Carbine) is a sniper rifle carbine uses .45 ACP FMJ ammo, has a 10 round magazine capacity, features an integral suppressor and can be fitted with a scope that possesses two levels of magnification. Silencer allows you to drop targets at range without being noticed by enemies nearby as long as you scored a clean kill. However when shot too close or upon a miss, you'd be easily spotted regardless.

Given the lack of ballistic physics for bullets in this game, the short effective range of this weapon in real life is not present ingame, and as such it makes for a very effective ersatz sniper rifle, the only disadvantage being the rarity of its ammunition.

Due to a developer oversight, the ingame De Lisle Carbine is shown to be ejecting a spent shell casing out of the top of the weapon at the same time a round is fired, when in real life it would only eject a shell casing once the bolt action was operated.


This all-English rifle was used by British Special Armed Forces during World War II and the Korean War. It was based on a Lee-Enfiel Mk III. It's suppressor was so effective that it might very well be the most silent weapon ever made. Working the bolt to load another round in the chamber made more noise than actually firing the round. It was inaudibly at a distance of 50 yards and with no visible muzzle flash, it was the ideal weapon for special forces.


Only 1 type of ammo is available for the Hampton Carbine:

- .45 ACP with a maximum of 110 bullets (11 clips of 10 bullets)

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