The Hairspray Welder

The Hairspray Welder in use.

The Hairspray Welder is a gadget designed by Santa at UNITY to cut through metal locks and hinges, even under water. It consists of a hairspray can and a cigarette lighter joined together to form the device. Separately they are disguised as regular items.

Field Use[edit | edit source]

Santa had a Hairspray Welder left for Cate Archer to find in the Siberian cabin being used as a base to infiltrate the Soviet Army base where information was being held on Project: Omega.

After Archer escaped with the information, Bruno Lawrie sent in the UNITY Intercept Team to destroy the Soviet Union M-9 Data Processing Unit located at the base. The team used the Hairspray Welder to get past one of the inner gates.

When Pierre the Mime King and his Mimes trapped Archer and Magnus Armstrong in a glass box, Archer was able to use the Hairspray Welder to free them.

While attempting to escape the H.A.R.M. Underwater Base located in the Aegean Sea, Archer used the Hairspray Welder to get past a damaged section of the base.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While not exactly a weapon, players can use the Hairspray Welder to damage opponents. It is most effective on opponents that have been tranquilized or stunned.

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