The Grey Servant is the name of a ghost that haunts the halls of Cramble Castle in Scotland.

In life the Grey Servant was a pretty maid of French descent who worked at Cramble Castle. The lord of the manor, Sir Alfred Cramble, had become smitten with the young maid and began an affair with her. Lady Cramble, who was not right in the head, decided to end the affair with an axe.

In 1958, Cate Archer heard about the legend of the Grey Servant from a servant at the castle. He informed her that if the ghost saw you picking up trash or tiding up a mess, the spirit would be moved to assist them. When Archer picked up some papers that had fallen on the ground, the Grey Servant assisted her in escaping the castle after she had swapped out the Robin's Egg jewel with a fake one.

It was never revealed if the swap was ever discovered.
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