The country of Greece (also known as the Hellenic Republic) is located in the south eastern portion of Europe. It has many islands in the Aegean Sea including Khios. Yugoslavia is located on the northern border of Greece. Turkey is located to the east. The Aegean Sea separates the bulk of the two countries.

One of the H.A.R.M. thugs named Johnny Rommel had developed a criminal plan to take hostages in Greece. He had put this plan into motion in 1967 and it immediately turned into a fiasco. The only reason that Rommel and other participants hadn't been killed or captured was due to the actions of another thug that went by the name The Greek. The Greek had deviated from the plan that allowed them to get away. Cate Archer had overheard two H.A.R.M. thugs talking about the aftermath of the events including Johnny Rommel now blaming The Greek for messing up the plan. The two thugs wanted to be around when The Greek found out about Rommel's backtalk.

Greece is a member of NATO.

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