The lobby of the Grand Caravan Hotel.

The Grand Caravan Hotel is a hotel located in Marrakech, Morocco. It is located near the Medina shopping area.

The hotel contains a lobby, several conference meeting rooms, a restaurant that serves a brunch, a bar serving alcohol, a lounge area, a tourist information booth, several pools, sleeping rooms and a service entrance.

In 1967 UNITY agents Bruno Lawrie and Cate Archer returned to the Grand Caravan Hotel after protecting Ambassador Morris Monroe from H.A.R.M. Assassins. However Dmitrij Volkov and his H.A.R.M. thugs had arrived before the pair and set a trap for the agents. Archer snuck past a Monkey merchant just outside the service entrance and made her way past the maid and several tourists (as well as several H.A.R.M. thugs hunting her). She met up with Lawrie in the hotel lobby. As the two were discussing the number of thugs in the area, Volkov ambushed them and killed Lawrie.

Archer then gave chase, but had to rescue several tourists who had been captured and deactivate the various Explosives set up to destroy the hotel. After saving the building and guests, Archer continued the chase after Volkov through the Medina towards the outskirts of Marrakech.

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  • In a rare moment of fourth-wall breakage, an letter left by Lawrie instructs Archer to return to the Grand Caravan Hotel with the Spy-Glasses in order to collect an Intelligence Item located within the lobby.
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