Giles is employed as the butler for Baron Dumas at his estate in England.

Cate Archer encounters Giles when she arrives at the Baron's residence in an attempt to see if the Baron is connected to H.A.R.M. Being very familiar with the Baron's schedule, any attempts by Archer to claim that she has an appointment with the Baron will be rebuffed. However Archer gives the alias of "Mia Haig" and presents herself as a reporter for Men of Influence magazine. When Giles hears that she wants to interview the Baron for their "Perfect Lives" series, he presents the offer to the Baron. After the Baron agrees, Giles escorts Archer into the main house for the interview.

Giles offers to stay when the Baron attempts to dismiss him. He stated that he wanted to be nearby in case Mia Haig needed anything at all. Giles really wanted to see the interview with the inept Barron. Giles reacted when the Barron claimed that he had wrestled a Lion with his bare hands. At the end of the interview, Giles made a quite comment to himself that the Barron wouldn't turn down a good meal.

It is not known who provided the voice for Giles.
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