The main house of the Fujioka Estate.

The heavily guarded gate.

A map of the Fujioka Estate.

The Fujioka Estate is a luxurious home and grounds located in the center of Inotakimura, Japan. It was purchased sometime prior to 1958 by a mysterious Englishman who wanted to have some distance from his homeland. It contained a main house and several smaller buildings that were used as a base for Isako and the Katakuri Ninja Clan. These buildings contain living quarters and storage rooms. There is also a main gate that is heavily guarded and can be barred from the inside.

With the main gate blocked off, the player can enter the estate grounds from an open window into a storage room or from a back entrance.

In 1968, UNITY agent Isamu Hatori was investigating the mysterious Englishman and his connection to the Fujioka Estate. When it was discovered that there could be an international crime convention in Inotakimura, Mr. Jones sent Cate Archer to see if she could photograph the meeting with her Lipstick Spy Camera. When she arrived, Hatori-san informed her that the meeting had been moved, but he didn't know where. Luckily Archer was able to overhear some Ninjas talking about how the meeting had been moved to the main house of the Fujioka Estate. Upon returning to Hatori, he was able to provide a map to Agent Archer.

Once Agent Archer was able to make her way past the ninja guards, she was able to approach the main house and just inside the window she discovered that Isako and The Director were inside. Upon taking her photograph, alarms were sounded and Archer had to fight her way back to the waterfall on the edge of town.

When Agent Archer was wounded by Isako, members of the UNITY Intercept Team were dispatched from a safe house near the Fujioka Estate to rescue Archer. Upon retrieving her, they had to make their way back to the safe house near the estate.

After H.A.R.M. had captured Archer under the Aegean Sea, they took her to the H.A.R.M. Headquarters. After she was able to escape from the Man-Handler and the fight over the Lava with Dmitrij Volkov, she emerged from an elevator inside the main house at the Fujioka Estate. Just outside of the man house, Archer had her final confrontation with Isako.

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