Louie Franco phone

Two members of the Franco Syndicate.

The Franco Syndicate is a gangster criminal organization led by Louie Franco. It operated in the 1960's. Their specialty was mob hits.

In 1968, members of the Franco Syndicate captured a drunk John Jack in his flat above The Drunken Scotsman. They had him tied up to a chair with the intent to kill him. Louie Franco wanted Jack to retire because he was cutting into his professional killing business. Before Marvin could use a Chainsaw to cut Jack up, Jack freed himself and battled his way past the Franco Syndicate men.

Several men in the syndicate attempted to sabotage Jack's Car. First they were trying to remove the Spark plug and later they attempted to blow up the car with a Grenade.

The members of the syndicate use the M1921-A1 Submachinegun, Chainsaws and Grenades.

Known MembersEdit

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