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Evil Alliance is a criminal organization that is operational in the 1960's. Evil Alliance has a very large organization running in India. There they were a thorn in the side of the H.A.R.M. operation in India.

While infiltrating the Dumas Lumber Company location in North America, Cate Archer overheard two H.A.R.M. thugs talking about Evil Alliance. One of the thugs had worked for Evil Alliance but was only able to last there about a week. He stated that the employees working for Evil Alliance was a bunch of idiots with huge entitlement issues. The other thug mentioned how he had heard some good things about Evil Alliance. The first thug responded that they had a lot of credibility in the criminal industry but the media didn't take them seriously at all. The guy heading up Evil Alliance in 1967 was a "conniving, arrogant bastard and a moron". One day he would hate the Americans, yet the next day he would love the Americans and now hate the Germans.

In 1968, Evil Alliance won an Evil Academy Awards in the logo design category.

In Calcutta the Evil Alliance Headquarters was based in an old theater. There was also a secondary location within the basement of a nondescript building called Studio 4.

Evil Alliance had taken photographs of Kamal Khubchandani passing secrets to UNITY. They attempted to blackmail Kamal for money under the threat of sending the pictures to his boss, Anoop Banerjee. Kamal recruited the assistance of Archer in retrieving the blackmail pictures.

There was a series of raids between Evil Alliance and H.A.R.M. in India. On one of the latest raids, Evil Alliance was able to capture all of the ice cream and candy, but H.A.R.M. was able to protect two cases of Sparkle soda. Cate Archer discovering this, offered to wreck Evil Alliance's operation and bring back the contents of their safe in an attempt to get hired on by Anoop Banerjee as a H.A.R.M. employee.

There were some members of Evil Alliance that wanted to break off and form their own organization. One of the possible names under consideration was The Angaraka Gang. However after encountering Cate Archer, it is not known if these plans ever came to fruition.

Known Evil Alliance departments[]

  • Maintenance
  • Marketing

Known Evil Alliance members[]