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The Elite Guard consists of three female characters who are all somewhat similar to Cate Archer herself: good-looking, but extremely lethal operatives. They are featured in many cutscenes, where they appear to be extremely bored. They are encountered by the player in Scene 1 of A Very Large Explosion. They use high-powered long range rifles packed with phosphorus or FMJ ammunition. For instance Geldmacher SVD preferred by Asian and Black elite members while an AK-47 is wielded by Blondie elite. They're also capable of throwing grenades.

They have a lot of Body Armor but mediocre hit points that scale up with the difficulty. Their unexpectedly sturdy armor making them hard to kill, while they have no difficulty in killing you with a few quick shots. A quick trigger finger, positioning and some wits about weaponry are needed for taking out the three of them. At high difficulties they can easily endure multiple heavy explosions, several bolt and sniper shots and still take you down with near perfect accuracy. It's advised to use special ammunition such as Phosphorus or Cyanide against them. Additionally, they will die in one hit if sprayed with the Acid Perfume.

They are housed in the lair of Baroness Dumas in the West German Alps. There to alleviate their boredom, they had various magazines and a Monkey. They also had various posters including a vandalized one of Inge Wagner.


The Elite Guard poster.jpg


  • In the cutscene we see, a poster of them posing with pistol and there's a pistol in their room but none of the Elite Guards seen wielding any pistol in the game. Maybe it's because they don't take Archer lightly and pulled out heavy weaponry for dealing with her.
  • They're rare few enemies in the game that can throw grenades alongside with Magnus Armstrong in his boss fight scene. You'll also notice Elites are holding a hand grenade while laying dead on the ground but it can't be picked up.
  • They look like an evil twist of TV series Charlie's Angels. In the TV series, it followed the adventures of three female academy trained private detective friends who take orders through the speaker from someone called Charlie. Elite Guards however seem to be more oriented, working for an evil terrorist organization and taking orders from Baroness Dumas or The Director himself.
  • Heavy explosives, any caliber of standard FMJ or standard bolts achieve almost nothing as it will be absorbed by their armor. Any special damage or status debuff that ignore armor is the key of fighting them. Acid Gas proven to be highly effective; killing them almost instantly when you see no way out.