These are list of easter eggs & secrets in NOLF. They are all found in missions and specific scenes. The easter eggs are usually comedy relief, or in case of the NOLF 2 easter egg, a nod to the franchise's first game. Some secrets are also comedy relief, engine leftovers (the "extra" Cate Archer) or useful add-ons for making the next play through, or further levels, easier.

Easter EggsEdit

This humorous text refers to the fact that many FPS (first-person shooter) games contain cliché levels, including sections which take place in sewers.


No One Lives Forever


"Mandatory FPS Sewer" sign as seen in-game.

Addons (Usable in Equipment Selection after they're found)

No One Lives Forever 2

Mentions from around the webEdit

  • "One thing I particularly liked was when you go into this sewer and there's a sign on the wall reading 'Mandatory FPS Sewer'. It's little touches like this that make NOLF a joy to play.
  • "The developers aren’t even above mocking the genre itself, with a sign in a sewer even reading 'Mandatory FPS Sewer.' It’s this self-knowing tongue-in-cheek humor that gives No One Lives Forever its decidedly goofy sheen, which only further pushes its rather unique envelope.
  • "I have seen many FPS games but too many of them have devolved into cliched levels – so common a problem that classic spy shooter 'No One Lives Forever' spoofed it with a 'Mandatory FPS Sewer Level' sign, and players have compiled satirical lists of 'favorite video game rooms full of crates'.
  • "The game is populated with throwaway lines and gags. One sign in a sewers says: 'Mandatory FPS sewer.' It just all adds to the knowing wink that the game gives its audience; it understands the clichés and the faults of the genre and makes them work to its advantage.
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