The Dime was a coin minted in the United States. It's value was a 10th of a US Dollar.

While in Morocco on vacation, American Ambassador Morris Monroe was approached by another tourist who had asked if he had the time. Monroe, who was hard of hearing, replied that he did not have a dime. When the tourist tried to clarify that he was asking for the time and not a dime, Ambassador Monroe thought he was being threatened.

When Cate Archer met up with Tom Goodman at Das Einsame Valkyrie in Hamburg, West Germany Goodman stated "Do you have a dime? I want to call my mom and tell her I met the girl of my dreams." To which Archer replied "I gave my last dime to a worthwhile charity."

It is not known if this was one of the cheesy code-phrases used by UNITY agents to identify each other or just Goodman trying to use a pick up line.

After Archer had defeated Baroness Dumas and thwarted H.A.R.M.'s attempts to terrorize the world she was confronted by Melvin Blitzny (who had secretly replaced Goodman). Blitzny was upset because Archer had blown up his benefactor and he wouldn't see a dime of the money he had been promised.

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