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"Diary of a Double Agent" is the sixth mission for No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way There are five scenes that can be found in this chapter.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Without any other compelling leads to follow, Cate heads to Akron, Ohio to search for clues at the former residence of the notorious Melvin Blitzny. Blitzny, a vacuum cleaner salesman by trade, had been groomed to assume the identity of UNITY operative Tom Goodman as part of H.A.R.M.'s last despicable plot. He met his end at the hands of his own mentor.

Whatever trepidation Cate may feel at entering the domain of this treacherous man must be set aside if she is to achieve her goal.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Scene 1: Grasping at straws[edit | edit source]

An upset Dmitrij Volkov has no less than 18 H.A.R.M. Thugs thrown into the Man-Handler upon learning that Archer is still alive. The Director confronts Isako and instructs her to bring back proof she has killed Archer.

Back at UNITY Headquarters, Archer, Bruno Lawrie, Isaac Barnes and Morgan Hawkins discuss the information that was brought back from Siberia. Archer mentions that the Project: Omega memo was dated 1965 so it was underway during the H.A.R.M. incident last year. Lawrie states that they have checked the various H.A.R.M. sites from that incident and Archer concludes that she need to find more information in Akron, Ohio.

These are two separate cutscenes.

Scene 2: The House where Melvin Use To Live[edit | edit source]

3:36 p.m.
Akron, Ohio

As the skies cloud over and darken, Archer enters Blitzny's house through an entrance in the basement. Moving through the abandoned, run-down house, she starts searching. Behind a movie poster advertising the Kung Fu Spy of Fury, she discovers a switch for a hidden door, which needs batteries to work. Further searching also finds correspondence between Mr. Smith and Blitzny. Archer also finds a set of audio recordings from Blitzny detailing his attempts at becoming a "master spy" by picking up chicks. After finding the batteries, Archer is able to enter the "inner sanctum" of Blitzny and discovers a memo from Anoop Banerjee advertising the start of Project: Omega. After she has found the memo, Isako's Ninjas attack.

Scene 3: Storm Rolling In[edit | edit source]

Archer escapes out of a back window only to find that Isako's ninjas are everywhere and the storm is getting worse. Archer discovers that the street is blocked off by a live power line that has hit the ground so she runs through several back yards until she finds an opening in the fence to the nearby Serenity Valley Trailer Court.

Scene 4: Tornado trouble[edit | edit source]

A tornado has now fully formed, threatening everyone in the area. Archer asks Isako if they can delay their battle to a later time, but Isako refuses. She sends more ninjas after Archer before fighting her personally. After some time, Isako runs into the Mulkey double wide Mobile Home. As Archer follows her, the tornado picks up the mobile home and the battle continues in the air.

Scene 5: Carried Away[edit | edit source]

Another short cutscene plays. Archer proclaims that Isako is very determined. Isako tells Archer that she made a promise. The boss battle begins with the mobile home being ripped apart. Using only a Katana, Archer fights off Isako. When Isako is damaged enough she uses her Umbrella to fly off into the tornado.

Memorable quotes[edit | edit source]

"Diary of Tom Goodman, volume 5, December 9, 1965. A breakthrough at last. She wasn't good-looking and she smelled like a horse, but she was woman enough for me. The last obstacle to my success as a super spy has been conquered. As of today, I am no longer a virgin. Yeeeeeeehawwwwww!"

-Melvin Blitzny (audio diary recording)

References[edit | edit source]

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List of Random items that can be found in this mission.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This mission gives us our first glimpse of the Man-Handler.
  • There was a lot of intelligence items left in Blitzny's house after the UNITY team thoroughly went through the place.
  • The dates on the audio recording are from 1965, but the memo conversations between Mr. Smith and Blitzny are dated 1967.
  • In a memo found by Archer, Volkov had instructed Blitzny to report to Magnus Armstrong in Oslo, Sweden. Oslo is actually located in Norway.
  • Archer discovers a chest of drawers in Blitzny's house that contains two drawers. One drawer holds a set of the loud green shirts Blitzny wore while impersonating Goodman. The second drawer held a set of the loud pink and yellow shirts. In The Operative: No One Lives Forever when Blitzny exclaimed that he could be subtle, Archer replied "Then explain that shirt."
  • In scenes 3 and 4 the ninjas will disappear in a puff of smoke after being killed. Archer can still search the bodies if she starts before the bodies disappear.
  • While fighting in the trailer court, if you jump on top of one of the two cars and then make another jump up, the winds will carry you over a short distance before placing you on the ground.
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