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A Danger Danger thug with a laser rifle.

You may be looking for the Fourth mission in Contract J.A.C.K. known as Danger! Danger!

Danger Danger is an Italian criminal syndicate that wants to operate on a global scale. To achieve that end, it rivals H.A.R.M.. Unlike H.A.R.M., which is known for its eccentric members, Danger Danger's operatives are pure lunatics that favor extreme violence to achieve their aims. Their leader Il Pazzo is willing to sacrifice every one of his minions to achieve his goals.

H.A.R.M. (and possibly UNITY) discovered that Danger Danger was raiding a Czechoslovakian military base and toxic waste dump (which was a front for a secret rocket launch facility). John Jack (who had been sent by Dmitrij Volkov to investigate, later discovered that H.A.R.M. mad scientist Dr. Harij had survived the crash of the H.A.R.M. Space Station on the Moon. Danger Danger wanted to rescue Dr. Harij and force him to work for them and improve their standing in the criminal underworld.

Uniforms: Minions wear skintight black tracksuits with red stripes on the sleeves and trouser legs and a white skull patch on the back of the jacket. They wear black goggles and a black filter mask over a black helmet with a red stripe in the middle and a white skull painted on each side.

Danger Danger Headquarters is located in Southern Italy. Il Pazzo and John Jack landed their Czechoslovakian rockets at the headquarters after traveling to the Moon.

Danger Danger used various vehicles including cars with sunroofs (so that a gunman could shoot from out of the top of a moving vehicle) and several Vespas with built in machine guns.

Known members[]

  • Il Pazzo - Head of Danger Danger
  • Furio - Nephew of Il Pazzo
  • Giacomo - Member of Lunar Assault Team Alpha
  • Luigi - Member of Lunar Assault Team Alpha
  • Marco - Member of Lunar Assault Team Alpha
  • Mario