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Cramble Castle in Scotland.

Cramble Castle is a Scottish castle near Aberdeen that in the 1950's was used as a museum and a hotel.

The lord of the manor Sir Alfred Cramble had been involved in a affair with a French Maid. Lady Cramble ended the affair with an Axe as the maid was cleaning the great hall. The maid's spirit still haunts the grounds and is known as the Grey Servant by the employees.

In 1958, Cate Archer (while she was the thief known as "The Fox") infiltrated Cramble Castle with the intent to swap the Robin's Egg jewel with a fake one. She bribed a servant with a bottle of Glen Rothes who provided her with the fake jewel and left a window open for Archer to use. He also told Archer about the legend of the Grey Servant and how she still haunts the castle grounds.

While Archer was sneaking past the various guards, she overheard two Tourists talking about going Sheep herding or visiting Loch Ness to get a sight of the Loch Ness Monster.

After Archer swapped the jewels, she cleaned up a mess and the Grey Servant opened up a secret passage that Archer was then able to use to escape.

It was never revealed if the theft of the Robin's Egg was ever discovered.

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