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"Collision Course" is the sixth mission for Contract J.A.C.K. There is only one scene and no secrets that can be found in this chapter.


My first thought was that death had been painless. The air had rushed out of the launch tube, threatening to suck me out into space as the moon base erupted behind me. And then nothing.

Now I could feel myself rushing weightlessly through the void towards some great, encompassing light that shone through my eyelids and filled me with warmth and hope. But how had a sinner like me earned his passage into Heaven?


Scene 1Edit

Somewhere in outer space... somehow John Jack has survived the explosion. He is awoken by a radio call from Volkov urging him to find a rocket ship and go after Dr. Harij. Amid the debris from the surface of the Moon, Il Pazzo is infuriated that Jack has survived. Pazzo sends out two thugs to kill Jack by not listening to the gang member, but one of them is hit by a meteor by sheer luck. Jack grabs the thug's Laser Rifle and defends himself from the hoard of Danger Danger thugs and incoming meteorites as the Sun slowly starts to pull them in. Danger Danger thugs will be marked on John's radar and he will hear a countdown announce for expected meteorite collisions from his suit until he destroys them. Frustrated seeing Jack still alive after giving a toilet break, Il Pazzo blames head gang member and shoots him out of the airlock to the space. Jack eventually finds the second rocket in the debris and follows Il Pazzo back to Earth.

Memorable quotesEdit

Il Pazzo: "There you are, you slippy summunabitch! Get him, boys!"
Furio: "Boss, he's gonna crash into the sun pretty soon. Why not just leave him to die?"
Il Pazzo: "We ain't taking any more chances. This guy's harder to kill than a cacaroach. Now get out there!"


Body ArmorCockroachDanger DangerDmitrij VolkovDr. HarijEarthH.A.R.M. Space StationIl PazzoJohn JackLaser RifleLuigiMeteorMoonRadioRocketSpace SuitSun


  • This is the shortest chapter in the game.
  • Only mission to have no secret areas.
  • Collision Course is very similar to the NOLF1 mission Unexpected Turbulence but it's also a railshooter where you have no steer or control which also resemble of NOLF2 mission The Getaway.
  • Laser Rifle that Jack grabbed at the start of the mission is a unique one as it has unlimited ammo. The reload delay is negligible like every other standard laser rifle, so player never get penalized for not reloading before facing the next mob group.
  • Instead of ordering his men to shoot at Jack, Il Pazzo could've leave him alone and destroy the other rocket nearby that Jack desperately trying to get in to chase them.
  • When Il Pazzo is infuriated and gets the leader thug tossed out from the airlock, poor thug got incinerated in an instant. If they're that close to the sun; guessing by the distance from that event, everyone supposed to die by radioactive heatwaves emitting from the sun. At best, Danger Danger's rocket systems would to get damaged by sun's thermal radioactive blasts or magnetic field before they can start the engines on their U-turn to toss someone out of the airlock. Space suits and space ships that are thermal resistant to that degree of heatwave are not available even sixty years later.
  • Earth and moon are about 150 million kilometers away from the sun and sun becomes a lethal force for spaceships and humans at around 30 million kilometers close to it. A simple explosion on the moon, sending a human being far enough to make sun a threat is quite an accomplishment. It's also a dilemma how long would it take to return to earth and do they have enough oxygen depot or food to begin with.
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