Archer holding a coin.

Simple, but very effective, a Coin is a small metallic object that can be used to distract guards. Thrown in a certain area will result in a clinking sound of metal hitting the target attracting the guard's attention. Some may even investigate for the opportunity to collect the money. A coin will also not frighten Civilians when carried.

UNITY provides coins to Cate Archer as standard equipment. Plus it can be found on various missions.

A coin can be used for decision making, such as Heads or Tails. This method was used by Archer when convincing Tom Goodman that she should be sent into a dangerous situation.

It is not known if the coin used by Archer in NOLF1 and NOLF2 is from a specific country.

There was a special thanks in the The Operative: No One Lives Forever End Credits to Tim Pollard for his research on authentic coins.

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  • Coins are frequently found in front of vending machines in NOLF 2, whereas in NOLF, coins can only be pre-selected and found in strategic locations when Archer is in dire need of one.
  • While carrying the coin, Archer will occasionally flip it.

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