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The Code Breaker in use.

The Code Breaker plans

The Code Breaker in compact form.

A Code Breaker (aka the Code Decipherer) is a portable piece of equipment used to crack various codes used to protect keyless locks (i.e. electronic locks or locks with a number keypad).

No One Lives Forever[]

Cate Archer was provided with the Sphinx Series M Code Breaker by Santa. It was designed so that UNITY agents could bypass locks with keypads. Depending upon the complexity of the code, it may take some time to break as it tries various different code combinations. Santa advised hiding while the device did it's job.

The Toymakers at UNITY may have based this design off of the Safe Cracker.

Once this item is introduced in Further Investigation Required, the player can select this equipment at the start of the mission. There are several previous missions where this item would come in handy, including a secret area in the STASI facility in Berlin.

No One Lives Forever 2[]

The Toymakers at UNITY improved on the previous version of the Code Breaker making it smaller and with more features. It is now disguised as a woman's makeup compact case. Besides bypassing electronic locks, it can also decode encrypted messages.

The speed of the device can be increased if the player spends Skill Points in the Gadget skill.

This device is used by Archer as well as the UNITY Intercept Team. As it is disguised, it will not attract attention of Civilians if carried openly. However enemies will spot the player if it is used while hidden.

If the power to the electronic lock is out, then the code breaker will not bypass the lock.

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