Offering a light with a Cigarette Lighter.

The Cigarette Lighter in welding mode.

The Cigarette Lighter is a handheld device used to ignite Cigarettes and other flammable items. It is contained in a metallic case.

Before departing for Berlin, Cate Archer is trained and provided with a regular Cigarette Lighter. The primary purpose is to "offer a light" to her contacts (such as Werner von Haupt) is the guise of starting a conversation to exchange code words.

When Archer meets up with Tom Goodman at the Das Einsame Valkyrie nightclub in Hamburg, West Germany she utilizes the Cigarette Lighter to start their code word exchange.

Santa was able to modify the Cigarette Lighter case so that it also held a miniature welder. This allowed UNITY agents to get past Locks that did not have keyholes (thus they could not be picked with Lock Picking Tools).

After boarding the Freighter Lorelei Archer was knocked out by Magnus Armstrong and thrown into a locked room. When the ship started to sink, Archer was able to find her Cigarette Lighter. With this she was able to use the welder to bypass the lock on the door.

In order to distract the guard from the security post within the offices of Dumas Industrial Enterprises located in Bumberton, England, Archer used the Cigarette Lighter to ignite some papers left in a wastebasket.

At a H.A.R.M. Rocket launch facility located on an island off the coast of Mandaru, Archer had to use the welder in her Cigarette Lighter to sabotage a rocket engine test fire before she was caught in the blast.

Some missions had the Cigarette Lighter in a location where Archer could find it, thus freeing up a slot for other items when selecting gadgets before the mission begins.

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