NOLF1 Cigar

Members of Club Metropole smoking cigars.

A Cigar is a tobacco product that is rolled up into a bundle and smoked. It is larger and thicker than Cigarettes. It was a status symbol by wealthy men to smoke cigars.

When Tom Goodman was talking with Cate Archer about the women's liberation movement, he was under the impression that women's libbers wanted to ride motorcycles and smoke Cigars.

Members of Club Metropole in Monte Carlo, Monaco enjoyed smoking cigars and drinking Cognac in smoke filled rooms. A batch of cigars from Havana, Cuba were provided by Carlisle who had a friend in the import/export business. Gordon had a set of cigars not from Havana and challenged his comrades to tell the difference.

U.S. Army General Morgan Hawkins smokes cigars. When he made a sexist comment towards Archer, she asked him if he had ever swallowed a lit cigar.

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