The Operative: No One Lives Forever cheat codes although using them (as with all games) kinda kills the purpose of the entire game, the codes themselves contain some humor again. For instance, the code for invincibility (I'm your father) is a reference to Star Wars, as is the code for full ammo (We got death star). Also, the code to spawn a snowmobile, Rosebud, is a reference to the 1941 movie Citizen Kane. Also, Wonderbra, a very popular underwear item during the 1990's, is used as the cheat code for full armor. Dr Dentz, the cheat code for full health, might be a reference to Theodore Dentz (page in Dutch), although this might very well be just coincidence. The cheatcode for weapon upgrades, goattech is a reference to the humorous dinner scene of a technician in the game. Cheat that grants all passive garment upgrades (such as; Bandaids, Fuzzy Slippers, Fire Extinguisher...) You look like you need a monkey is another reference to the monkey seller at the start of the game. Finally, asscam is the cheat code for third person view where player see the character from behind in a wide view angle.

Cheat CodesEdit

While playing the game, press T, then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Unlock all mission maps mpbeenthere
Toggle God mode mpimyourfather
All garment addons mpyoulooklikeyouneedamonkey
Restore armor mpwonderbra
Restore health mpdrdentz
All weapon upgrades mpgoattech
All weapons mpmimimi
All weapons and full ammo mpkingoftehmonstars
All weapons, full armor and health mpsanta
Infinite ammunition mpwegotdeathstar
Current mission completed mpmaphole
Remove all enemies mpboyisuck
No clip-collision mode mpclip
Trigger all activate boxes mptriggers
More blood mode mpexorbitantamounts
Paintball mode mpflowerpower
Temporary invisibility mpcam
Spawn snowmobile mprosebud
Spawn a motorcycle mpracerboy
Third person view mpasscam
Toggle position display mppos
Display game version mpbuild
Exit game mpmiked
Unknown mphookmeup
Unknown mpcampos
Unknown mpwhoami
Unknown mpbreach
Unknown mppoly
Unknown mpfov
Unknown mplightadd
Unknown mplightscale
Unknown mpcamera
Unknown mpwmpos
Unknown mpwpos
Unknown mpteleport
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