No One Lives Forever series features an extensive selection of weapons and spy-themed gadgets, each with its own strengths and weaknesses or limitations obtainable throughout the game.

Additionally, as the game progresses, the player will come across certain areas in a given level, where, in order to gain access to it, the player would need to replay the level but remember to re-equip him/herself with the needed items to use, before entering the level. For example, in the first part of the level Misfortune in Morocco, where Archer's mission is to protect the American ambassador from H.A.R.M. assassins, there is a locked room in the hotel that calls for the use of the belt buckle (the zip-cord) in order to gain access to, via an open window from outside, in the hotel's courtyard. The only way the player would know to equip him or herself with the belt buckle is to have previously played through the level and to have noticed a hook, that is visible on the outside pane of the hotel room's window.

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