John Jack's car behind The Drunken Scotsman.

A Car (aka Automobile) is a four wheeled vehicle used in many different locations across the Earth. They use Fuel for combustion with a Spark plug as one of the components. Cars were usually stored in garages.

No One Lives Forever[edit | edit source]

In 1967 in Helsinki Finland, a UNITY agent attempted to escape from the Assassin, Dmitrij Volkov, he jumped into a car and started driving away. Only to have an Explosive destroy the vehicle and kill the agent.

American Ambassador Morris Monroe was riding in a car in Marrakech, Morocco heading towards the airport. The near-deaf Monroe, believing he had been insulted by the driver, demanded to be let out of the vehicle so he could walk to the airport. As he was on the side of the road, Volkov drove up in a second car and shot the Ambassador, killing him.

After Volkov shot Bruno Lawrie and attempted to escape from the pursuing Cate Archer, he jumped in a car on the other side of the Medina to head to the coast. When Archer continued to chase after him, he sent several H.A.R.M. thugs after her. She shot at one of the cars which hit the gas tank and caused the car to explode.

In response to one of the ghastly code phrases inviting Archer to come up for a game of Twister, she responded "I'd rather run over you with my car."

Various cars were seen in the background of different exotic locations visited by Archer. These included England, Hamburg, the West German Alps, London and more.

Some of these vehicles were used to block off different street maps within the game.

Within a vehicle just outside the home of Barron Archibald Dumas was a parked car that contained an briefcase in the trunk.

No One Lives Forever 2[edit | edit source]

In September 1968, Cate Archer had her fellow UNITY agent Yamata wait in the car just outside of Inotakimura, Japan. She had a hunch that something was wrong and she wanted him nearby.

While on assignment, Archer found several cars in Calcutta, India and Akron, Ohio. A Tornado damaged several of the cars that were located within the Serenity Valley Trailer Court.

Contract J.A.C.K.[edit | edit source]

John Jack owns a blue car that he uses to travel between different assignments. While he was being attacked by members of the Franco Syndicate, they tried to stop him by sabotaging his car. As Vinny and Joe were talking about different methods to use, Sal keyed the fender. Once Jack had recovered his vehicle, he used it to drive to Malta (by way of a Ferry) to meet up with Volkov for his "interview".

While attempting to rescue Dr. Harij from Il Pazzo, Jack encountered several thugs from Danger Danger who were driving cars with assailants trying to shoot from the sunroofs of the vehicles.

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