Streets of Calcutta

Calcutta was one of the largest cities in India. It is located on the eastern side of the country.

There is a large variety of businesses in Calcutta. This included flower shops, theaters, restaurants, hotels and more. There are also a large number of newspaper boxes used to distribute the local paper.

Two criminal organizations had operations in Calcutta. H.A.R.M. and Evil Alliance. The narrow streets and dark back alleys of Calcutta made it possible for the two organizations to constantly clash with each other.

In 1968 an advanced team from UNITY arrived at Calcutta in order to obtain initial intelligence on H.A.R.M. personnel before the arrival of Cate Archer and Magnus Armstrong. Armstrong was attempting to help Cate meet up with Kamal Khubchandani, a disillusioned H.A.R.M. agent and infiltrate H.A.R.M. India Headquarters. In order to gain access, Archer had to confront Evil Alliance on two separate issues before gaining access to the information she needed on Project Omega.

After Archer had left Calcutta to investigate the H.A.R.M. Antarctica Base, H.A.R.M. sent their Super Soldiers (developed by Project Omega) to Calcutta to test the soldiers and punish the India Branch of H.A.R.M. for letting Archer escape. This caused quite a bit of destruction in the city.

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